Fast Bathroom Remodeling Secrets Think Outside the Box

Bathroom remodeling can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. The last thing you want is your bathroom torn up for weeks and all that dust through your house through the construction period. The good news is that if you think outside the box just a bit, you can come up with some great was to make remodeling your bathroom a bit easier and faster. If you are looking for fast bathroom remodeling secrets, here are some top secrets you may want to use to make your bathroom remodel fly by as quickly as possible.

Secret #1 – Consider Pre-Fab Showers or Tub Surrounds

One of the fast bathroom remodeling secrets you can use to make your remodeling job go a lot faster is to consider putting in pre-fabricated showers or tub surrounds in the bathroom. Sure, the idea of custom tiling in the shower or tub surround sounds great, but it takes a lot of time to do this. It’s also more expensive. You’ll save a lot of time and money by going with the pre-fabricated options, which still look nice and there are many options to choose from.

Secret #2 – Repair Instead of Purchase

Instead of purchasing something new, one of the fast bathroom remodeling secrets is to simply repair it. If you have a couple nicks or cracks in the tub or shower, consider just repairing them yourself. It’s much cheaper to do the repairs and you’ll save tons of time, rather than tearing out the old tub or shower and having to install a new one. If you can, just try repairing things in the bathroom – it’s a great time saver.

Secret #3 – Paint the Bathroom Yourself for a New Look Quick

Another great idea if you want to remodel your bathroom yourself is to paint the bathroom yourself for a new look that you can get quickly. Don’t pay someone else to come paint the bathroom. Most bathroom walls are all taken up with showers, bathtubs, tile, mirrors, and more. This means there isn’t a lot to actually paint in the bathroom. Within just a day or two you can have it all painted yourself. It doesn’t take long and it can totally change the way your bathroom looks.

Secret #4 – Avoid Moving Plumbing

If you’re looking for fast bathroom remodeling secrets, you’ll definitely want to avoid moving plumbing if at all possible. Even if you are purchasing new fixtures, try to keep them in the same place if you can. If you have to move any fixtures that are water based, it will end up taking a whole lot of time, not to mention a lot more money. If you can keep from moving any plumbing, your remodeling project will go much faster.

With these great fast bathroom remodeling secrets, you can remodel your bathroom much faster. Use them to get your bathroom looking brand new as fast as possible.

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