Electric Bathroom Heaters – Lots Of Warmth But Not Lots Of Money

Let’s face it, no one likes a cold bathroom, and many folks have taken advantage of a quick and effective solution; electric bathroom heaters.  It is hard enough getting up in the winter months when it is dark outside to get ready for work or school, let alone when your first stop is a freezing cold bathroom.

Why Electric Bathroom Heaters

Unfortunately, since bathrooms typically are decorated in materials that hold the cold such as porcelain and tile, your bathroom can be just about the coldest room in your home. Fortunately, technology has come a long way in offering efficient solutions to heat specific rooms in your home. Space heaters are just one way to economically warm your bathroom space safely and without breaking the bank. Electric bathroom heaters or portable bathroom heaters, are a great way to get the warmth you are seeking for your room.

These days home improvement stores and internet specialty retailers offer a whole host of styles and size of electric bathroom heaters. Before buying one, however, it is a good idea to spend some time in your bathroom considering its size and measuring its dimensions, so you can purchase the right size heater and style for your bathroom.

Electric Bathroom Heaters Works In Large Bathroom?

For larger dimensioned rooms, a wall mounted or even portable electric bathroom heaters are a wise choice. The wall-mounted unit can be installed on an open wall in your bathroom and is recessed into the wall so it is just about flush with the wall’s surface. You may also have a timer installed for easy shut-off so you never have to leave the house wondering if you left the heater turned on. Portable electric bathroom heaters are probably the easiest and most convenient. Simply place them where you want the heat to be directed, plug them in and turn them on.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to sacrifice features with these units. Many units have a thermostat controlled sensor so you can set the unit to your desired temperature and an oscillating feature so the warm air is blown in various directions to more quickly heat your space. In addition, these units can be used elsewhere and offer transportability. Perhaps you have a garage or workspace that is chilly and could use some additional heat. Simply unplug your portable electric bathroom heater and relocate to another location.

How Effective in Small Bathroom?

For smaller bath or powder rooms, ceiling mounted electric bathroom heaters offer efficient heating power tightly packed into a small unit. Some of these units come with built-in fans or lighting so it makes for a great multi-purpose unit. These units also may be installed with separate switches and timers for the heater vs. the fan or lighting feature and are a quick install for the professional installer.

Last but not least, this brings us to a good point to discuss electric heaters, bathroom or other types – the installation. Most homeowners are not electrical pros. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who can wrangle electrical wires like a pro, the installation of your new electric bathroom heater will probably be a breeze. But if you’re like the majority of homeowners who are scared to death to tackle electric wiring, then leave this one to the professionals. Since this unit will be used in a high moisture environment, you want to be certain that its installation location is well within local building codes.

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