EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz Infrared Heater Review

The Rolls Royce of electric heaters, engineered in the USA the EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 is designed to heat spaces with area up to 1000 square feet. The infrared heater can be controlled by the buttons on the front panel or through the supplied remote control.

This portable EdenPURE electric heater provides thermostat function between 60F. 87F. The finish is galvanized steel inside and polypropylene black shell with burled wood accents. Contains an air filter, which can be cleaned with warm water or vacuum once removed from the back of the unit. The filter cleans the rooms air.

The caster wheels enable easy transportation from room to room. 1500W, approximately 5000BTUs. More than enough.

Also this quartz infrared heater looks great, thanks the quality materials and finish of this EdenPURE portable electric heater.

Price is on the more expensive side, especially if we consider most of the features (except the air purification) are also being offered by the competitors reviewed by this electric heaters review site for a considerably less price.

This makes EdenPURE electric heater the choice only for those who can afford it.


  • Three years of manufacturer warranty.
  • Front panel with push button controls.
  • Infra red remote control included.
  • Thermostat feature.
  • Heats up to 1000 square feet of area.

Customer Satisfaction Review:

All Eden PURE heaters come with a 60 days total satisfaction guarantee which is enough to review the electric heaters abilities. The perfect utilization of the infrared portable heater is in a home with 1000 square feet of area. The main buyer motivation is the reduced running cost compared to a gas heater.

The running costs are estimated around 15 cents per hour on high running which is a huge step forward compared to heating oil prices, yearly savings of $200 $300 are realistic with wise usage. The customer support is reported to be really helpful, if any problem arises a replacement appliance is supplied in no time and it is not uncommon to receive an upgraded model as replacement model because of the inconvenience. Same happened to a reviewer buyer who had to return his Eden Pure Gen3 Model 500 because of a faulty infrared bulb, and received a Model 1000 as the compensation for the inconvenience. The new model made huge difference in heating power and effectiveness compared to the previous Eden Pure M 500 electric heater.

This Eden Pure portable electric heater due the great popularity has a lots of resellers worldwide, it’s important to purchase it from a legit dealer like Amazon.com is. This way customers can be sure they did not end up with a cheap duplicate model for their money with no official 3 years warranty and support.

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