finished Easter cardIn preparation for Easter, the children perform
a variety of art activities dedicated to this holiday.
Easter is associated with a number of symbols
like the bunny, Easter eggs and baby chicks.
All mentioned Easter symbols symbolize new life
and representing resurrection of Christ.
In this article we will make happy Easter greeting card
using various granular materials which can be found
in every household.


Material for the kids Easter card:

  • cardstock paper in colours you preferred
  • white cardstock paper
  • glue
  • coconut flour, corn flour, poppy seeds, ground pepper

Firstly, picture egg on the white cardstock paper and draw the line at which it will be decorated.

MATERIAL for Easter greeting cardsPainted Easter egg

On the plotted lines apply thicker layer of glue. Sprinkle plotted lines with plenty of poppy seeds and gently press the hand.

EGG with poppyEgg decorated with poppy

On the remaining part of the egg apply glue and sprinkle with other granular materials.

Easter egg made of seedsEaster egg made of seeds second variant

When everything dry well, cut the eggs and glue it to the cardstock paper in color. Your Easter greeting card is finished and ready for appropriate message.

cuted cardstock paper with EGGSfinished Easter card

In this way you can decorate boiled eggs too. In that case, use egg whites instead of glue.

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