Design in The Tuscan Style

When you’re looking for a natural look for your home or apartment, you might want to consider Tuscan style for your interior needs.

Not only are you incorporating the simple Tuscan decorating accents that only Mother Nature can provide, but it also allows your home to be a peaceful and comfortable setting where you can put your feet up without wondering if you’re going to ruin your decor.

In the ancient Roman times, many people decided to move from the hustle and bustle of the big city and into the outer, quieter provinces.

When these people moved to the hills of Italy, they not only escaped the excitement of the city, but also the political turmoil and upheaval.  In doing so, they were able to recreate the life that they really wanted to life – an ideal life that the government spoke about, but could not provide.

When you’re considering the Tuscan architecture for your home, you will want to realize that it shouldn’t look shiny and new; (It does not mean that there is none lighting in a Tuscan-themed room).

In fact, the key word for this decorating style is rustic and worn. You want your home to look lived in and inviting.

This is a style that welcomes the inhabitants as well as their friends in for a longer stay – instead of quick, uncomfortable visits.

Here are some of the main characteristics of the Tuscan theme accessories:

  • Stucco Veneziano, read how to apply it here…
  • Crumbling stone walls
  • Romantic Tuscan lighting
  • Wrought iron accessories
  • Stone farmhouse
  • Sun-washed hills and hillsides
  • Wood furniture
  • Floors of marble

When you’re looking to build a home in the Tuscan home decoration, it would be made from limestone or sandstone in order to give that natural style.

On the roof, you would place terracotta tiles to further enhance the outward appearance, and this is easily done on the modern day home as well to give the Tuscan feel.  The windows would be deeper set into the home and have wooden shutters to add to the rustic appeal.

Tuscan homes

The homes in Tuscany and surrounding areas have a sturdy look to them, like they could stand the test of time.

The outside of the home, however, is just as important as the actual structure. Many Tuscan homes will include a portico or patio that is surrounded by sandstone bricks for privacy. The homes also tend to include fountains in their courtyards as well as statues for decoration.

Marble is a big element in Tuscan design as well – found in flooring, pillars and other details.  But the main components of the style are water, stone, wood, and colors throughout the inside and the outside of the home.

Heading indoors, you will want to leave walls untouched if they are a natural stone, but if not, you can use stucco and color them with Venetian plaster, faux painting, or color washing.

Exposed beams in the walls can be used to add to the charm of the home as well.  The flooring is typically wood, in keeping with the natural style.

Or you can cover the wooden floors with antique looking rugs. The Tuscan style vinyl flooring is also a good choice, perfect for those who can’t afford real wood or hardwood.

Cupboards are typically open and without doors.  Pieces like corner armoires have chicken wire on their fronts to maintain the idea of openness. This is done to display the dishes and other pieces inside the cupboards. You might also find linens and clothing in any of these cupboards.


In a typical Tuscan kitchen, you might find a sink that is made of porcelain or stone. The furniture is made of wood or wrought iron detailing so as to keep the entire home natural and appealing.


A Tuscan inspired bathroom must be in white and beige. Because it reflects your tastes and personality and enables you to retreat to a tranquil surrounding. Read on what is the key to getting you the best Tuscan country bathroom?

To add color to your home, you can display copper pots and pans as well as brightly colored dishes in your cupboard.  You can also accent with colorful glass jars of pastas and spices. An easiest way to add a touch of style to your room is including a proper Tuscan lighting accessory, such as wrought iron sconces or chandeliers.

Good colors to use in Tuscan decorating include terracotta, brick, golden yellows, ochres, and greens.  Blue and green were very cooling in the warm sun of Italy, and carries over well to the warmer climates here.

The typical Tuscany decor style is dark and enclosed when you walk into a Tuscan home decoration, but this has changed in decorating, allowing airier arrangements that give the home an open air feel – as though you were tucked away in Italy yourself.

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