DeLonghi TRD0715T Safe Heat Oil-Filled Radiator Review

DeLonghi TRD0715T Safe Heat Oil-Filled Radiator also known as: The Dragon model is a portable radiator electric heater which doesn’t affect the quality of the air by drying it out causing a sore throat to you like some of the ceiling electric heaters or gas wall heaters. Clever design of DeLonghi heaters division which applies side metal tubing’s to makes the warm air leave the portable radiator at the top, heating the room efficiently and safely and enables better air circulation, so this electric heater heats up the room faster. This is why this heater is nicknamed as: The Dragon model.

Also the Diathermic Oil Completely Sealed Inside, Never Needs Refilling

Three electric heater power settings: low 700W, medium 900W and high 1500W on which the heat can be felt more than two feet above the portable electric heater. A simple analog thermostat dial enables to choose the desired portable room heater temperature levels. The thermostat feature combined with the 96 position 24 hour timer switch that allows scheduled room heating patterns to be deployed.

What I miss however is the LCD display screen which is common on many other electric heaters, but that minor detail wasn’t a deal breaker for me and I didn’t regret I bought this portable oil radiator.


  • Fast and flexibly adopts to any room heating demands, be it bedroom, living room or the office.
  • Easy snap-in style wheels require no assembly at all.
  • Maximum radiant heat while maintaining low surface temperature, safe portable radiator to use in room with babies and pets.
  • Adjustable thermostat, 3 electric heater power settings.
  • Energy-saving timer with 96 settings to fine-tune for your room heating needs.

Consumer Satisfaction Research:

After unpacking and firing the heater up many consumers experienced a burning chemical odor, similar to wet paint as described by one of the buyers, which goes by after a couple of hours running. This is normal and also mentioned by the user’s manual. Its advised to leave the portable electric heater in a well ventilated room for this period of time. The smell is caused by the anti-corrosion chemical which is used to protect the radiator while boxed and stored ready for use. The odor will go away for good after running the electric heater on high heating level for couple of hours.

The heating power is similar to other 1500 Watt power portable electric heaters or radiators. Based on an experiment conducted by a buyer, which was set in an unheated 154 square feet large basement room, with insulated walls and ceiling with no windows and the door closed. The portable electric radiator was in the center of the room, and the thermometer 6 feet away from it on the desk. The temperature was on 49.6F when the portable electric heater got turned on, and the temperature has raised to 55.9F after the first hour, and reached 65.8F after 5 hours of heating.

Some customers referred to the timer function as being non intuitive to use, takes a while to figure it out. It divides the day for a small intervals, which can be turned on and off separately. This way it gives great flexibility in deciding a heating pattern. 96 possible ways to combine all the settings to provide a perfect heating schedule.

Some buyers using it as a replacement for an expensive central or electric baseboard heating. Saves them couple of bucks, not having to use it through the winter. This energy efficiency is achieved by a single portable DeLonghi TRD0715T The Dragon radiator in every room.

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