DeLonghi EW7707CB Oil-Filled Portable Radiator with ComfortTemp Technology, Black Review

This DeLonghi EW7707CB Oil-Filled Portable Radiator is designed to be an economical electric heater. The manufacturer claims to achieve savings up to 27% on the electric bill by using this oil filled portable DeLonghi heater. Provides effective electric heating of the rooms by maximizing the radiator heat flow thanks the so-called thermal slots, while maintaining low surface temperature on the portable radiator itself. Such a features get increasingly important with children and pets around. The heating elements filled with diathermic oil and sealed permanently. Never needs refilling.

The electric heater is totally noiseless, thermal cut-off, durable construction (rust-resistant of course) and the snap-style wheels mounting require no assembly at all, safe and stable portable radiator.

Ideal for both home and office use, and also looks nice. I mean this portable heater really looks great next to any furniture when heating the room.

The only downfall is that the electric heaters wheels don’t spin so well on some carpets, which in fact has totally nothing to do with room heating.

I recommend this portable radiator without a twinge of conscience.


  • Designed for flexible space heating demands be it living room, the bed room or the office.
  • Very easy installation of the wheels by a patented technology to snap them in place. no tools required.
  • Achieved maximum radiated heat flow while maintaining low surface temperature due to the thermal slot design.
  • Save up to 27% on the energy bill by the ConfortTemp button, which provides automatic maintaining of the optimal room temperature by
  • Customizable thermostat and three heat settings.

Customer Satisfaction Research:

Customers reported the portable oil radiator to heat up quickly in few minutes. Also reported about a minor design fault, which is concerning the temperature settings dial which can’t be well seen in darker environment due to the tiny text. Not a big deal but worth’s mentioning. The more creative buyers turned up using marker pens to mark their favorite dial spot for perfect temperature.

This portable electric heater has 2 heat settings, 700 Watts and 800 Watts which can be combined to run on 1500 Watts. It seems a bit silly to make the 700 Watts the low and the 800 Watts the medium setting, it doesn’t make a huge difference and there is a big jump between 800W to 1500W. 700 Watts setting is enough to heat an insulated garage with a concrete floor with the temperature dial set on around 1-2. This way the electric heater keeps the garage temperature on 48 degrees, while the outside temperature is 15F 20F. While doing so, it uses around 2 3 KW of energy per day. Another Delonghi EW7707 electric heater user reported that based on his measurements, he can run the heater on high temperature setting on 1500 Watts for non-stop using the pak KWh rates costs him $63 for 5 months also all the heat going upstairs when heating the basement, so no energy wasted by this portable electric heater.

After switching to portable radiator from regular forced air heating, consumer’s reported reduced energy bills. The previous solution costing $1000/month during the winter season for the room heating needs of a house with bit less than 1000 square feets of area.

Lots of consumers reported some burning chemical smell after setting the portable electric heater up and running. It is considered normal, the user’s manual mentions that as well, it suggests leaving the portable radiator turned on in a well ventilated room for a few hours after first usage. It is caused by the anti-corrosion chemical used while storing the portable radiator. Also a clicking noise can be heard from the expanding materials under heat after the first startup. Will operate quietly forever after.

Orderers were exceptionally happy with the delivery times, the electric heaters reported to arrive well before expected delivery.

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