Why You Should Consider Big Lots Furniture

Big Lots coffee tables are always inexpensive, but more importantly, the quality on them is a lot better than you might think. Even though Big Lots is known as an affordable discount retailer, many of their furniture items, including their coffee tables and corner TV cabinets, have an appearance that rivals much more expensive furniture.

Big Lots Coffee Tables Discount

Here’s the message you should understand regarding Big Lots coffee tables:

  • Discount is a good thing, not bad – Discount has many definitions when applied to products or services. Unfortunately, sometimes the word conjures up ideas of second-rate, cheap and inferior in quality. And true, in some cases, discount furniture might fall into these categories. In many cases, though, discount furniture is good-quality furniture at a price below what a regular retailer would charge for it. This is the case with Big Lots tables.
  • A person gets what he pays for – That old maxim isn’t always true. Sometimes, you pay full price for a product that is inferior. But other times, it is possible to buy good quality merchandise at a discounted rate.
  • How do you know what you’re getting? – Whether you’re shopping at Big Lots or some other discount furniture store, how can you be sure that the discounted price will actually get you good merchandise?

Choose Well-Known Retailers

While you can never be positive, there are some tips that will help you. First, deal only with retailers whose name is well known. A company like big Lots has stayed around for decades for a good reason because customers have come to see that they offer true value for only a small amount of money. But if a discounter is new, with an unproven track record, you’re jeopardizing your hard-earned money by buying from them.

Another suggestion :

Examine the furniture closely. Poke it, pound it and pull on it to make sure it feels sturdy. Any shakiness or signs of things coming apart will certainly not get better. They’ll only get worse, at probably at a pretty fast rate.

And third, check if there is an adequate warranty on the product. If a cheap tables manufacturer is afraid to let you return the product for faulty craftsmanship, this should be a hint not to buy it.

A Big Variety Of Big Lots Coffee Tables

Big Lots coffee tables have the advantage of being associated with a company that offers affordable prices, good products and usually provides you with warranties on the products. They also offer a fairly large variety of nearly every kind of table you might want, including rectangular, oval and square. There are both wood and glass-top tables. Plus they have a wide array of other living room furniture, so that you can try to match your table with other living room items. Big Lots furniture is an affordable way to improve the entire look of your home. They also offer equally nice bedroom and dining room items, and even items for your home office.

So if you decide you’re in the market for a new coffee table, investigate the world of Big Lots coffee tables and you might find a few other items to match with it while you’re at it.

Choosing The Right Wood And Glass Coffee Table

Although there are many different pieces of furniture that make up the room, the wood coffee table is often an accent that should not be overlooked. Although these are not going to be to everyone’s liking, if you enjoy having a coffee table available, you are sure to find one that will fit well into almost any decor. At times, it may be a wood and glass coffee table that you need and at others, it may be solid wood that is painted. Here are a few options for you to consider, and a general guide that will help you to get the wood coffee table that will be perfect for your living environment.

Considering The Room Size For Your Wood Coffee Table

One of the first things for you to consider is the size of the room, as well as the size of the furniture that is already in the room. If you have small furniture or a small room, you certainly wouldn’t want to overpower it with a very large wood coffee table or glass tables. On the other hand, a large room with larger furniture can easily accommodate a large style coffee table, but it is not necessary for you to choose one in order to fit in well.

The shape of the coffee table is also important, as this will match your other furniture if you choose wisely. An oval coffee table is a very popular choice, and some of the designs can be quite contemporary. On the other hand, you might want to stay away from something that is modern and go with an antique coffee table. These can look good in almost any room, and they make a great conversation piece.

What To Use Your Wood Coffee Table For

What do you plan on using your coffee table for? If it is a place where you’re going to be keeping magazines and is basically for show, try to choose a solid wood that is finished nicely. On the other hand, if you just plan on using your coffee table to give you some place to put your coffee and prop your feet up while you’re watching TV, a painted piece of furniture may be more to your liking.

  • One final thing that I would like to recommend is that you pay attention to the edges of the coffee table, especially if you have young children or elderly people living in the home. Sharp edges can be a recipe for disaster, especially with people toddling around them regularly. Of course, even without children in the home you still may want to choose something that is a bit softer in the edges, just because it tends to look nice.

The Internet will give you plenty of opportunities to look at the wood coffee table options that are available. You may also want to check in your local area, simply so that you can see them in a real world setting. Regardless of whether you choose a wood and glass coffee table or if you are looking for an antique, you’re sure to have something that you will be using and enjoying for many years to come.

Wood Coffee Table

Great Choices Among Cheap Coffee Tables

More than perhaps any item of furniture in your living room, cheap coffee tables don’t have to mean tacky coffee tables. There are lots of attractive options that don’t have you bust your budget.

  • Maybe you’ve been in a situation where you’ve entered someone’s living room and saw this coffee table that looked totally out of place because it dwarfed everything else there. It’s difficult to have a conversation when the chairs and couch are separated by this monster of a table that would be better suited for a picnic.
  • On the other hand, there are also coffee tables that might be the right size, but they look almost plastic. You can tell instantly how flimsy and poorly made they are.
  • These are what people normally think of when they think of cheap coffee tables. It shouldn’t be that way, because there are also affordable tables which are perfect, both in their appearance and their function. It’s simply a matter of not settling. Don’t buy the first coffee table you find in your price range, because somewhere, there is an attractive one that won’t break you.
  • The perfect affordable coffee table for your living room will be different from what your neighbors will be. Still, there are definite things that you should strive to avoid, to make sure that cheap doesn’t mean something that looks horrible or that doesn’t match your design scheme. First, don’t buy a table which is not in scale with your living rooms dimensions.

Where Exactly To Put Your Coffee Table

Depending on how you have your living room furniture arranged, you should try to have the coffee table about 16 inches from the sofa or chairs which are within the center of the main seating area. This means that the larger your seating area is, the larger your coffee table will need to be. What you’re trying to achieve is having a coffee table that provides access for all guests without anyone feeling cramped as they get into our out of their chairs or off the couch. You should measure your rooms dimensions as well as all doorways that lead into the room (No need to buy a table that’s too wide to fit through the doorway).

Using It For Storage

Another space you should avoid as you’re buying your affordable coffee table is that of buying one to use as a storage space. Remember that every room needs to have a focal point. And in the living room, the coffee table is a natural focal point, since it’s usually found around the rooms center point and because it’s in front of your seating area. Still, it’s not uncommon for people to make the mistake of using the table to store items. What a waste, especially if you managed to find a really attractive table!

A word of advice: If you work hard to find an attractive yet affordable coffee table, find some other convenient location for your newspapers, books, mail and dirty dishes. Instead, use the coffee table to prominently display centerpieces, candles, accent lamps, and other items that help the table become the rooms focal point.

There is one possible exception: It is possible to find a cheap coffee table with shelf space built onto it. In that case, feel free to NEATLY store some few items there.

So where do you find affordable, modern coffee tables for cheap prices? There are a few possibilities. First, the big discount stores, such as Big Lots or Target frequently have furniture that will surprise you with their appearance. Also, the Internet is always a good option for finding affordable furniture. Just don’t be in a hurry and you’ll find several cheap coffee tables that will look great in your home.

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