Comparing Steam Cleaning Services To Rent A Cleaner

Steam Cleaning Services is a far cry from yesteryear. Carpet cleaning sixty years ago meant you and your grandmother pulled up the carpet from the center of the room, and as the oldest grandchild, your duty was to beat the dust out of the carpet with a rug beater. With the advent of wall-to-wall carpeting, things changed in steam cleaning services.

Steam Cleaning Services Changed The Way We Clean

A new industry called steam cleaning services was born in the late 1950s when concrete slab floored houses started being built in California. Most of America had raised hardwood floors. These concrete slab floors were covered with wall-to-wall carpet material cut from rolls and stitched together. The carpet edges were hooked first by hand hammered carpet tacks and later by an invention called tack strip. These long narrow pieces of plywood embedded with tacks sticking up through the plywood made the installation several times faster, but gone were the days of beating the dust out of the carpet.

Renting Steam Cleaners And Steam Cleaning Services

At first the equipment to clean carpets was bulky and cumbersome to use, the commercial vapor steam cleaning came about by necessity. Today the larger percent of carpets are cleaned using a commercial steam cleaner by a commercial steam cleaning company. Although you can rent steam cleaners locally, they often cost almost as much as if you were to hire a commercial steam cleaning company. And besides, you are involved in a lot of fuss and muss when you rent, plus the picking up and then returning of the equipment. The rented steam cleaner usually has to be returned within a twenty-four hour period if you are late, you will pay more than you would on the steam cleaning equipment.

Different Machines

• Several companies make a steam cleaner for hardwood floors. This steam cleaning equipment really should not be used by amateurs; you could easily ruin the flooring if you do not understand the affects of heat and water that is used around hardwoods with a special finish.

• Dry steam cleaners are also available. These are not really steam cleaners as they use a dry absorption powder that is sprinkled on the carpet. It is then vacuumed up with a powerful vacuum sweeper. This does a fairly good job on carpets that have seen a rather benign use.

• If there are dogs, cats, or small children in the house, a commercial carpet steam cleaner should be used. The dry steam cleaners are good for touch up spots. Most commercial carpet cleaners will charge a nominal fee for touch ups with the dry absorption powder cleaning method. This is often better than doing the entire carpet.
The steam cleaning of autos is different; steam cleaner auto it is usually for engines, underbody parts, transmissions, and differentials. The commercial steam cleaning company will use a pressure steam cleaner. The high pressure and steam will cut most of the grease and road residue from the dirty parts and auto underbody. However the carpet inside the auto is cleaned in almost an identical way as steam cleaning services would do to the carpet in a home.

Clean Your Carpet Like A Pro With Carpet Cleaning Equipment Leasing

Having a professional come into your home and clean your carpet can be an expensive luxury. There are other alternatives that can not only save you money, but add some convenience to the process. Carpet cleaning equipment leasing, as well as purchasing your own carpet cleaning equipment, both proves to be very beneficial. Although you have to do the work yourself, there are some great benefits.

Carpet Cleaning Services Equipment Leasing

Leasing a carpet cleaning machine can have both benefits and drawbacks. The benefits include:

Saving Space – You will only lease the carpet cleaners when you need them. This is helpful because you don’t have to find a place to permanently store the cleaning items. This is highly beneficial for spaces that are small or have no extra storage space.

You don’t have to do the maintenance- If something goes wrong with the machine, you are not held responsible (in most cases). The individual whom you lease from will be responsible for repairs and/or reimbursing you for the time you rented it.

You can pick up a machine whenever you need – There are many locations that offer leasing options for carpet cleaning machines. There will be a variety of regular and commercial machines to choose from.

You will get newer models – There are many businesses (that lease) that only carry newer models of machines. You can use the newer, advanced machines all the time. This means you will never be outdated; you will get to use the latest advance carpet cleaning machines.

Leasing would be the best carpet solution to clean a bar carpet. There is limited storage for such bulky machines in a place of business. Leasing a machine would be perfect because you only deal with the machine when the place of business needs a makeover. Some machines are prone to leak and require routine maintenance. By leasing, you don’t have to worry about these downfalls.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Equipment (used)

• You have consistent access -There are many instances where having a carpet cleaning machine on hand would prove to be quite beneficial. These include:

Pet accidents.

Stains can be very nasty when it comes to animal feces and urine. Being able to quickly clean up these messes saves your carpet, as well as eliminates the odors.

Accidental spills.

Blotting spills out of carpet sometimes isn’t enough. The longer you let them sit, the harder they are to get out. Rainy Days. Mud gets tracked in very easily, especially when it rains.

• Once paid for, you never have to worry again – Although you will be responsible for repairs, you’re free of carpet cleaning debts once your machine is paid off. They can be found at reasonable prices (especially when used), and you will only have to purchase cleaners to use in them (if you choose).

• You become familiar with your machine – There are many different features. Once you get used to the machine- you can use them optimally.

Whether you plan on carpet cleaning equipment leasing or owning; both options can be a great decision depending on your situation and needs.

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