How to Clean Wooden Kitchen Table?

Wood is most preferable materials for making any kind of furniture. So, in case of kitchen tables there is no exception. You need to keep clean wooden kitchen table for your better health. But sometimes you may face problem as you don’t know how to clean it properly. Here are some tips for you to clean kitchen table.

How to Clean Wooden Kitchen Table?

  • At first take away all the dishes and other utensils from the table
  • If there is any laundry then fold it
  • Put the laundry in a sink
  • Clean the area of the wooden table with any dry rug
  • Clean all the dirt and food waste off the surface
  • Get a walnut and use the hard part of it to scrub through the channels of the scratches
  • Continue the rubbing till the specific surface get warmed
  • As soon as the area becomes warm, the chances for surface to soak up more oil would increase, and it is beneficial for you
  • Use toothbrush or cotton swab to scrub the surface
  • Use some elbow grease to scrub the dirt and waste out of any cracks or crevice
  • Use some orange or lemon oil to scrub in anticipation of the kitchen table gleams vividly
  • After doing that, compare the rest of the exterior with the spot where you worked upon
  • If get any color difference, color the defected area with a crayon
  • You should rub in order to blend it in
  • Then scrub the surface with a clean dry cloth and continue it if required

By following the above steps you can get cleaned your wooden kitchen table very easily. Clean your kitchen table regularly so that dirt and food residues cannot exist there.

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