How to clean your garbage disposals

Garbage disposals are essential appliances that keep the kitchen clean by putting away dirt and unwanted food. Waste disposal requires more love and attention apart from the routine cleaning. Cleaning the kitchen disposals thorough keeps the bad smell away and maintains high hygiene in the cooking environment.

There are a few steps that you need to take to keep your garbage disposal in good condition. This article entails five important steps that you need to clean your garbage disposal. Follow the steps keenly to get rid of the waste dirt and smell.

  1. Get rid of lodged objects

At times waste disposal tends to have large objects lodging at the channel. Getting rid of submitted objects is the first step that you should follow before you continue with other cleaning processes. Shut the power supply before you begin cleaning, and it should remain locked until cleaning is over. You may need to use tongs or pliers to remove any trapped items. Ensure not to destroy the grinder when using the pliers.


  1. Flush dirt and grime with water

Water helps greatly in the removal of grime and dirt. First, add a small amount of dish soap and allow hot water to fill the sink to a level of two to four inches. Hot water is essential because it removes oil and grease more quickly. Flushing on the hand is more suitable than just running the tap water. Flushing removes any possible build-up debris on the way.


  1. Use salt and ice cubes

Eliminate tougher sludge and debris attachment on the grinding elements by the use of salt and ground ice cubes in your garbage disposal. First, allow two cups of ice cubes into the garbage disposal, then one cup of rock salt. Put on the waste disposal, allow a small amount of cold water and allow the salt and the ice into the blade to be crushed. This mixture is particularly important in freezing some white vinegar into ice cubes. Blades are sharpened by grinding ice and getting rid of unpleasant odors.


  1. Scrub brush

The inside of your garbage disposal is done manually using scrub brush or old toothbrush. First, remove the screen on top of the drain for easier cleaning and seeing.


  1. eliminate odor using essential substances

After cleaning your garbage disposal, ensure to get rid of the awful smell. There are several materials that one can use to remove the smell.


  • i.Use of citrus fruit peels – examples of citrus fruits that remove garbage disposal odor are orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit. These fruits are also suitable for cleaning the blades. Add lavender oil or rosemary for more a more unusual scent.
  • Use of baking soda and vinegar- take a cup of baking soda or vinegar and add oil to the drain of the garbage disposal. The mixture produces bubbles that work out to remove the bad smell.
  • iii. Add a little bleach and rinse- most of the bleaching agents are necessary for freshening up and killing of germs. However, it is not advisable to use too much of the bleaching agent since it will harden grease and oils in the garbage disposal.
  • Use of borax– Borax is a natural cleaning substance recommended for garbage disposal. Three to four teaspoons of borax is enough to keep the bad smell away.


Maintaining the garbage disposal

  • Maintaining your garbage disposals is the last step that you should put into consideration. Maintenance of the sink requires you to take a lot of care and precautions to keep it clean at all times. Avoid putting all kinds of dirt in your sink since they will end up blocking the whole system. Run your system for long enough after using the garbage disposal. Running hot water helps to remove excess dirt, grease, and unwanted food particles.

These are the steps that you require to keep your garbage disposal clean and fantastic. It is all your responsibility to keep and maintain the condition of your kitchen. Garbage disposals are essential appliances that you cannot do without in a cooking area.


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