Choosing The Best Dovetail Jig For You

With some products, there is an obvious answer to the question “which one is the best?” However, there are other products where all the options do a good job. In these cases, it really depends on what you would like to do with the product that determines which would be the best for you. This is the case with the dovetail jig.

Pretty much all of the major brands of dovetail jigs will do a good job performing the basic tasks required of this tool. However, different makes and models have different features and will perform different tasks. What you need to do is determine what exactly you would like to do with your jig, and what features are most important to you. This will help you to narrow down the options so that you can find the best one for what you do.

It might be best to consider what tasks you are performing first. Do you want to be able to make both through and half-blind dovetails, and do you want to be able to use odd shaped pieces of wood or make asymmetrical dovetails? The more tasks you want to be able to perform, the fewer your options will be for dovetail jigs. This will help you to figure out which models it would do best for you to spend more time researching.

Then you should determine which added features are the most important to you. Some dovetail jigs will collect dust, and others won’t. Some require little to no adjusting once you have set them up. Others allow you to make adjustments to fine tune the fit. Some are very simple to operate, and others require a bit more of a learning curve in order to be able to use them well.

Once you have figured out which makes and models will perform the tasks that you wish, it is time to look into your options more thoroughly. Check out the reviews online to find out more about the pros and cons of each model that you are considering, and compare the prices to see which will give you the most features for your money. Some manufacturers you might want to consider are Rockwell, Sears Craftsman, Porter Cable, Leigh, Akeda and Delta.

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