How To Choose Wine To Bring To Holiday Parties

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I know this is not my normal blog subject but I keep receiving emails asking the same question and I thought I would just address this and if you have questions you will not need to add stress to your holiday, it’s supposed to be fun!


The question is about giving wine. The questions all sound something like this:

  • How much wine should I take to a party?
  • Is it ok to drink what we take to the party?
  • How much should I spend? Is it proper to give it as a host gift?
  • How do I make sure the host does not open the wine for everyone?

The list goes on and on…here are my thoughts.

First of all, the holidays are all about fellowship and spending time with friends and family or just reconnecting in general.

What you spend on a bottle of wine is all about your personal budget. Just know you do not have to spend a fortune on wine to enjoy it. A bottle of what you like is perfect for your host or friend or family, even if they have very different tastes in wine.

Use wine coolers for preservation .

Best way to give a bottle of wine to a host is to take two bottles to the gathering. Take one bottle you want to drink and when you hand the other bottle to the host, say this, “This bottle is for you to enjoy on another night, just let me know how you enjoyed it after you drink it”. Feel free to tell them the story behind the bottle, if there is a story, like we loved this wine when we went on vacation or they served this at our wedding or a simple, I tried this the other day and thought of you, please enjoy! That will let them know, they do not have to open the wine and you have the bottle you brought for yourself and the bottle for yourself does not have to be the same wine, bring something you love.

I always say a bottle of wine for every 2 people, this might be a little more than some people suggest, but I hang out with folks who like wine and will certainly be enjoying at least a glass or two. The only time taking wine to a gathering is not a good idea is if they are opposed to alcohol. I have several friends who are recovering, so I can bring some boutique foods or something special they will enjoy. I also have many friends who are not drinkers but they have no problem with having wine around for friends who indulge.

If I am looking for a wine to take, I take anything with bubbles, Cava, Sparkling, Prosecco or Champagne..bubbles always seem special and they bring the celebration to the forefront. I have also been at parties where they make take a bubbly glass and add a little pomegranate or another light, fresh and fruity juice and create a party theme drink. Bringing an over-sized bottle of bubbles will make you a superstar of the party!

Keep in mind company office parties are a whole different subject, all I can say is, drink half as much as you want, have a designated driver and remember, you have to work with these people after the party, so go easy on the craziness! The rest of the year, you do not want to be the employee who is whispered about when you kissed the Santa, or you are passed over for a promotion. (Ok, so my past as a Executive Recruiter just peered out, she is all gone now).

Just thought I would share my thoughts on giving wine and if this information helps you have more fun and less stress during the holiday season, I am happy! I want you to have an awesome time at any holiday party, so have a blast!

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