The Best Gates For Feng Shui

January and February are very cold months in our area of France. We spend an awful lot of our time planning projects for the year, but not much time actually doing any of the work. This year as well as being very cold we have had a huge amount of rain and the fields around us are absolutely sodden. With weather like this all we can do is hunker down in front of the fire and wait for the warmer and drier weather to arrive so we can turn some of our plans in to action.

This year one of the first projects we are going to complete is to install gates at the front of our property. Today it has been dry and bright for the first time in what has felt like weeks and so we have taken advantage of the brief gap between the rain showers to go outside to measure the driveway and find the best position for the pillars we are going to have built.

Gates are excellent Feng Shui. Not only do they look good and provide a clear marker between your property and the outside world but they also give the impression of wealth, status and security. If you go to any Chinese city you will find beautiful and elaborately designed gates in the centre. You do not have to create gates like these though to attract fortune and positive energy. Follow the principles below and you will find a positive flow of energy is automatically drawn towards your home.

Feng Shui Principles For Gates

Gates should always be in proportion to the house and plot. Remember in Feng Shui the aim is always to create or maintain balance. If you have a small garden or short drive you do not want to have a pair of huge imposing gates as they will give the impression that the energy in the outside space is more important than the energy within the home. Equally a long drive needs more than a low, shallow gate.

An entranceway made up of two gates of equal size is much better than one which has two gates that are unequal in size. I see many homes which have one entranceway which is made up of a large vehicular access gate and a pedestrian side gate. This creates a sense of imbalance in your home and can have the added disadvantage of leading to a situation where the needs of one person in a relationship are less important than the needs of the other.

The ideal shape for a pair of gates is either rectangular or arched. These shapes are great for providing a lift in your financial fortunes. You do not want to have gates that slope downwards in the centre as this results in energy being dragged down.

Gates should open inwards, or if this is not possible, sideways. This allows energy to remain around your home. If gates open outwards visitors feel unwelcome and it can also prevent good energy from entering your home. Positioning gates solidly between a pair of pillars is excellent Feng Shui as it creates a sense of security around your home.

When installing gates think of the direction that they face before buying or painting them. If the gates face east or south wooden gates are best, whilst in the west and north metal gates are more suitable. Once installed gates that face east should be painted in green or black, south facing gates red or white, west facing gates red or brown and gates in the north black or blue.

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