Become A Certified Pilates And Yoga Teacher

If you have a passion for pilates and would like to share the skill with people, maybe it is time to become a certified pilates and yoga teacher. You can work in your own office, from home, in a gym, or even a community center. When you become a certified pilates and yoga teacher, it doesn’t require you to go to school for many years. You must be determined though and go through an apprenticeship.

How To Become A Certified Pilates And Yoga Teacher

Yoga Equipment Or Mats

Before you go into any type of yoga teacher training it is important you decide if you want to be certified in equipment or mat instruction. You can go through an intensive weekend of training for a mat certification, which is inexpensive and affordable. If you are looking for job opportunities with your instruction, you might consider becoming a yoga teacher using equipment.

A Hybrid Certification

It might be a good idea to consider obtaining a hybrid certification. This is an opportunity to become a certified pilates and yoga instructor. You can do both types of yoga in the same instruction. You can work in yoga, pilates or even non-traditional pilates equipment. Some of the equipment includes bands and balls or rope yoga.

  • Before you consider becoming certified in hatha yoga poses or any type of yoga you should become familiar with the history of the sport.
  • There are many different books you can start with to learn about the history of the sport.
  • It is easy to get a certification, but you should be knowledgeable on the subject.
  • People like to see that their instructor knows a lot about yoga and the integral aspects of it when they take lessons from them.
  • Taking lessons from an instructor that knows nothing about yoga makes people feel like they aren’t getting their money’s worth.

Training Location Online On How To Become A Certified Pilates And Yoga Teacher

There are many places you can get a certification if you want to become a certified pilates and yoga teacher. The simplest way to find a training location to become a yoga teacher is on the web. You will want to search by the topic of yoga and schools of instruction.

  • Once you do become a certified pilates and yoga teacher it is important to get the word out. You will be in charge of your own advertising.
  • If you choose to open a yoga shop of your own then you may want to consider the location. If you choose an office space with a lot of drive by traffic then you might not have a need to do much advertising at all.
  • However, if your shop is in a remote location where there aren’t too many cars driving by then you should consider advertising in the Yellow Pages, put up postings in local gyms, health food stores, and even sporting goods shops.
  • Designing business cards and flyers is a smart advertising tactic that works quite well too. You can give these to people you randomly meet as you are out and about town.

If you want to become a certified pilates and yoga teacher, it is important to determine the type of yoga you want to teach. Educate yourself about the sport and become familiar with the history and how it affects healthy family lifestyles. You can get certified quickly and at an affordable price. Be sure to advertise to ensure your success.

Reasons An Instructor Should Learn Yoga Facts History 

If you are an instructor of yoga, you should know yoga facts and history. Many of the reasons you should learn yoga facts history include for yourself, credibility, and trust. You can be a successful instructor if you are knowledgeable on the subject matter.

Knowing The Yoga Facts History

  • Customers trust a trainer that is knowledgeable on the subject matter they are teaching. If you are teaching people kundalini movements and positions, you should know about the yoga history. Students will ask questions about some of the modern and classical types of yoga positions and where they came from. If you just teach the positions and the different poses, this will be strange to a customer. You want customers to trust you.
  • In order to build trust you need to understand the art thoroughly. It would be weird for someone to take classes from a trainer who knows absolutely nothing about the art. If you want to become a certified pilates and yoga teacher, the first thing you need to do is become familiar with the different yoga art forms, where and when it started, and how it has evolved. Knowing little facts is a big help when you are an instructor.
  • Another reason you should learn yoga facts history as an instructor is because you need credibility. An educated instructor that can teach the customers about the art builds credibility. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are asked a question you do not know, don’t tell the customer you don’t know, but tell them you will find out. On the next session have their answer for them. This builds credibility with you as a person and as an instructor. Customers like to see a trainer that is knowledgeable, but also that really wants to teach.

Teaching yoga is not just stretching and positions but also from a book and about the art itself. Customers will expect you to teach them about the history of yoga and you should be prepared to answer questions and offer useful information. Credibility is important if you want to be a successful instructor.

Yoga Facts

Why Be A Yoga Instructor?

If you are thinking about teaching an art form like yoga then you should want to learn yoga history. You should already know plenty of information about kundalini, modern, and classical information. You should want to learn these things. If you don’t have an interest in yoga facts history, you might want to question why you want to be an instructor. It is important to learn everything there is to know about the art, especially if you are going to provide training to others on the subject matter. Including the different yoga quotes.

An instructor in yoga should always become educated with yoga facts history before he or she begins training people on the art. Yoga is an art, but also considered a sport. There is a lot of history to learn and it is important you can answer questions coming from the customers. When you have correct answers for customers and you are educated on the subject, you will feel better about yourself, be trusted by the customer, and build credibility as a professional.

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