Bathroom Space Saver Ideas

Bathroom space saver ideas are one of the most common things that people are interested in when it comes to adding both the appearance of space, as well as physical space in the home. These methods can be great when it comes to placing all the comforts and various types of luxuries that you wish when it comes to this very important room in the home. Here, you will be introduced to a variety of bathroom space saver ideas that can assist you when it comes to opening up that small space in this very intimate room in the home.

Bathroom Space Saver Ideas

One of the first ways that you can save on space when it comes to your bathroom is to carefully consider your bathtub area. Most bathtubs are low and are attached to the floor. Believe it or not, these types of bathtubs can really put a damper on the space that the room has. Many individuals who wish to open the space in this area will purchase standalone bathtubs in order to do so. There are many unique and creative designs when it comes to stand alone tubs. You can purchase a standard claw foot bathtub, a corner bathtub, a ball foot, pedestal, and leg bathtub. There are many choices available to meet your needs and desires.

For those that could use a lot of space, a bathtub may be completely eliminated and a shower may be put in its place. This can reduce the space up to six feet! There are also many different choices when it comes to selecting the right shower for the bathroom. However, if you are going for pure simplicity, all you need is a shower tray, a shower head and a shower curtain. There are showers with fold up doors, glass doors, ceramic doors, and just basic shower curtain units. I once knew an individual who needed space in the bathroom due to the disability of his wife. What he did was amazing. He simply eliminated the bathtub from the room, and then converted the bathroom closet into an open shower! It made it look as if the room literally grew!

The next bathroom space saver idea is to carefully consider the toilet in the room. Many people do not realize that there is a large variety when it comes to toilets. There are the close coupled type toilets which allow the tank to sit on top of the pan that filters the toilet, and there are back to wall type toilets in which the only visible aspect is the actual toilet bowl. The rest of it is installed in the wall – out of sight. There are toilets that can be hung on the wall, toilets that are considered to be low level, and even high level toilets. If you are looking for bathroom space saver ideas, you should take the time to research the various types of toilets to determine if there is one more appropriate for your space.

Bathroom Space Saver

Many bathrooms come designed to include a closet. If you are searching for ways to make this space larger, you may consider revamping the closet area. You may wish to convert it into a shower, or place the toilet in the shower in order to save room. You may even wish to eliminate the closet altogether and open up the area. If you elect to do this, you may want to place a modular wall organizer in the room to store supplies in. You can also place a modular closet organizer in the bathroom closet as well. This will help organize all those bathroom necessities and will lower the need for other types of shelving and storage in the bathroom area. This is a great way to save space, and make organization in this room for sufficient for your needs and desires.

As you can see, when it comes to bathroom space saving idea, there are quite a few that you can work with. There are many ways that an individual can enjoy space and comfort in this very intimate room in the home. All it takes is careful consideration, planning, and a spark of creativity. It is often not a project that you can jump right in to. It must be well thought out. This is especially true if you will be changing the layout of the bathroom. Many times, it takes some actual remodeling for the project to get done, and get done well, but, in the end, it is well worth it!

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