Your Bathroom Shelves Need Your Attention

I don’t know about most people, but though I have lived in many different places, I have only had one bathroom where I have had space enough for everything that I need. I love bath and body products, and I have an overwhelming collection of different locations and bath products that I like to use. This means that there is never enough space in my bathroom for what I want to have around. I recently decided that I would add bathroom shelves, and this has made a world of difference.

Your Bathroom Shelves Need Your Attention

I am of the mind that most things should remain hidden within the home. I would rather things are in cupboards so that they are not adding a feeling of clutter to my home. However, because I live in a small place, this is not something that I can do with everything. I decided that bathroom shelves would be helpful, even if I don’t like things sitting around in plain view. My husband and I picked out a small set of glass bathroom shelves that would fit in my tiny bathroom space.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put on my bathroom shelves. I am a very private person, and I hate for private things to be in plain view, especially since my daughter’s grandparents are very nosy, and snoop around my house constantly. I finally decided that I could put my makeup bag on my bathroom shelves so that it was in easy reach, and then put many of my favorite lotions and creams on the top shelves. I decide that was impersonal enough.

Since then, the bathroom shelves have proven to be very useful. My daughter has twice poured expensive lotions into her bath. Now that I have the shelves, I know she cannot reach them for a repeat performance. They also are small enough that they are not in the way, and they require some cleaning, but it only take a minute to wipe them down.

Those with privacy issues such as mine may not want to put in bathroom shelves for that very reason, but it is easy enough to add things there that aren’t as personal as what you may keep in your drawers. Having them in the bathroom can be a refreshing change. You may find that you spend less time rooting around in drawers looking for your mascara and more time doing the things that count.

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