Bathroom Remodeling Estimates Guide

Estimates generally vary according to the type of materials that are required to complete the project that you want to perform in the bathroom.

I have taken some time to compile a list of statistical figures as far as estimates are concerned for different remodeling projects that are typically performed in the bathroom of a home and/or business. If you are interested in bathroom remodeling estimates, this guide may prove to be very helpful.

Cosmetic Changes

Estimates for cosmetic changes in the bathroom are among the least expensive. Cosmetic changes are a type of makeover for this room. These changes may include creating a new color scheme in the room, removing mildew and mold stains and then repainting, replacing fixtures that appear to be old and rusty, and perhaps even adding new curtains and/or organizational units to the room.

Many individuals may elect to add new wallpaper, or even replace a countertop in the room. You will need take all of the projects that you want to complete, and then determine what materials that you will need.

Once you have established the materials that will be necessary to complete the job, you will need to determine the price of the materials and then multiple that amount times the amount of tax that you have to pay in your area. You will find that there are inexpensive materials, and that there are materials that are relatively expensive.

It is important to learn as much as you can about the materials that you select. As with any product, you will have low quality materials and then you will have high quality materials. Selecting high quality materials for your bathroom is the best choice because the changes you make will hold up longer. The simple changes mentioned here can range anywhere from as little as $50.00 to as much as $500.00.

Tile Additions

One of the most popular bathroom remodeling jobs includes tile additions. These tile additions are typically either added to the walls of the room, or the floor. In many cases, tile may be added to countertops or even in the stall where the shower is located, or the walls that surround the bathtub.

Tile additions bring about a change in the room that is quite dramatic. Estimates of each tile piece range from about $5.00 to $15.00. While this is rather expensive, and has been deemed as the single most expensive change that can take place in the bathroom, but it is also considered to be one of the best changes that can be made because tile lasts for years and years!

Let’s say that that you want to use tile to enhance the area around the bathtub. This area typically consists of about three different walls. We will say that the area is 70 to 80 square feet. If this is the case, the total job will run anywhere from $350.00 based on tiles that are $5.00 each, or $1200.00 based on 80 square feet with tiles that cost $15.00 a piece. Now, let’s say that you want to do the bathroom floor. Naturally, the square footage has a lot to do with the overall price, but you have to understand that you may need to repair the current floor; you may want to put in a subfloor, or other types of addition.

You are looking at the costs of the tile, the grout, the sealant, and any type of subflooring that is required, so you can expect to pay anywhere from about $400.00 to about $2,000.00. While this may seem like quite an expense, it is important to understand that tile flooring is very durable and lasts for many, many years! The best part about renovation with tile for improvement in the bath area of the home is that you can do it yourself! This reduces the cost of hiring a professional.

Bathroom Remodeling Estimate


As you can see here, if you are interested in do it yourself bath improvements and renovation to your bathroom, the bathroom remodeling estimates can vary from cheap to rather expensive. It is best to shop around for deals, like wholesale and clearance items, but you must also shop around for quality. Quality is very important in ensuring that you earn a return on your investment. Now, you know how to get the best bathroom remodeling estimates.

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