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When I am asked what are the two most important principles in Feng Shui I never hesitate in my answer. Balance and good energy flow are the two fundamental elements that need to be in place in your home if you are to attract good fortune and achieve what you desire in your life. Get these two principles right and everything else will start to fall in to place very easily, life becomes joyful, new opportunities appear, pleasant surprises happen when you least expect them. Get these two wrong and no matter how many enhancements you make to your home you will constantly feel as though you are taking one step forward and two steps back as you journey down the path that is your life.

In this weeks blog I am going to look at how you can ensure that you attract a positive and beneficial flow of energy in to your home. Energy flows in to your home through your front door and so it is incredibly important that this is kept clean, well maintained, in good repair and free of clutter. I cant begin to tell you how many homes I have visited where on entering I first of all have to battle through a huge pile of coats and shoes to get in to the house. Energy, like visitors, needs to have an uninterrupted path in to the home so coats, shoes, parcels, bags and briefcases should all be put away in cupboards and wardrobes. If you think you are going to forget something when you leave the house write yourself a note, it is much better to do this than have the entrance to your home looking like a store room.

Welcome energy in to your home by placing a bowl of crystals or a vase of flowers just inside your front door. As well as looking visually attractive they help to ease the flow of energy in to the home as they blend the outside yin of the natural world with the interior yang of your home. Crystals and flowers can have specific meaning so to attract wealth use Carnelian or Citrine crystals, to attract love place two vases of pink or red roses either side of your front door and to enhance your career fortunes you could consider a glass bowl filled with Lapis Lazuli or Jet. If you are placing flowers in your home make sure they have plenty of water and that dead leaves and flowers are removed immediately.

Once energy has entered your home you want it to circulate and flow freely around your interior space. You dont want it to flow straight back out again. One way to keep energy flowing inside your home is to minimise straight lines. Energy likes curves as curves allow it to move slowly in free flowing shapes like it does in the natural world. When faced with a straight line energy tends to move very quickly down the line. A common problem that I see, especially in the UK, is a long straight hallway immediately inside the front door which then often leads to a back door. This kind of house design can cause problems as energy will flow in to the home, down the hall, and straight back out again, bad news if you are wanting to attract a flow of positive and beneficial energy throughout your whole house.

The good news is that there are a couple of very easy cures you can use to prevent energy from flowing down your hall in the manner of Usain Bolt. Firstly hang a crystal from the ceiling midway between the front and back doors. If you dont want to hang a crystal then a crystal light fitting will work just as well. Crystals attract energy and then reflect it back sending it in different directions all over your house. Dont overdo it though. If you have a big wide hall by all means hang a large chandelier. If however your hall is narrow then the many crystals are going to send energy pinging all over the place so you may want to consider a smaller, more subtle crystal light.

The second type of cure is to create curves in your hallway. This can be done by placing items of furniture, potted plants, side tables and ornaments at strategic places down your hall creating a curved path. Again you dont need to overdo it as you dont want the hall to look cluttered but a large bamboo plant at one side and a small chair and side table further down the hallway on the other will work wonders in slowing the flow of energy as it enters your home.

Hopefully this weeks blog has given you some useful pointers to ensuring you get some of the basics right when looking at the energy in your home. As I often say Feng Shui is really very simple it is us who try and over complicate things. To recap some of the main points (if you dont want to read the whole blog post again!):

The two fundamental principles of Feng Shui are balance and good energy flow. Get these right and everything else falls in to place

Energy enters your home through the front door so this needs to be kept well maintained, clean and uncluttered
Ease the flow of energy in to your home by placing objects from the natural world inside your door
Create curves through which energy can flow slowly through your home

Hang a crystal or crystal light fitting to minimise the effect of a long, straight hall

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