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Feng Shui translated from the Chinese means wind and water. It is an ancient Chinese system which seeks to balance opposites in all aspects of our environment to create positive energy and improve our life. By implementing the principles of Feng Shui in our own home we can balance and align the positive energy in our environment with our own internal energies to bring good fortune to all aspects of our life.

Feng Shui has been practiced for several thousand years and in that time many different schools and approaches to Feng Shui have been developed. This can be very confusing to anyone who is starting to study Feng Shui as although the basic principles are the same there are key differences that mean that books and websites on Feng Shui appear to give conflicting advice.

There are no good and bad approaches to Feng Shui, just as there are no right and wrong ways to practice Feng Shui. Although each method is different the basic premise of all approaches is the same, to balance and harmonize the energies in our environment to bring about positive change in our life.

Here I have summarized the main approaches to Feng Shui. Some consultants and teachers will use one approach, some will use a combination of two, many will use elements of each. Personally I use a combination of Form school, BTB Feng Shui and Compass School as all have aspects that I feel are relevant to today’s world. The approach that you choose to study or use in your own life should be the one that feels most relevant to you.
Feng Shui Schools

Form School Feng Shui

The original school of Feng Shui developed in China around 3000 – 4000 years ago (because it was so long ago we can’t be more specific than this). Form School studies the shapes in the natural world around our immediate environment, the rivers, the trees, the land, and other buildings and roads to identify whether or not our home attracts a positive flow of energy. Using this as a guide it then looks at how, using symbolism we can alter our environment to strengthen the flow of chi

Compass School Feng Shui

Compass School utilizes calculations based on the points of the compass, the I Ching and our date of birth to identify positive and negative areas in our home or immediate environment. Based on these scientific calculations we can define the best times and the best places to attract positive energy in to our home.

Black Hat Feng Shui

Developed in the US over twenty years ago by Grand Master Lin Yun, Black Hat is a hybrid of Buddhism, Taoism and Feng Shui. Utilizing the bagua, yin yang theory, the five elements and intention it focuses on how we can balance and strengthen the natural flow of chi in and around our home to bring about positive change. This is the most popular school of Feng Shui in the US.

Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui utilizes yin yang theory and the five elements and looks at how these interact with our personal lo shu numbers to give a reading for our house. From these personal readings a Feng Shui Consultant can tell us which are positive and negative directions in our home and which areas we need to enhance to channel positive energy

Contemporary Feng Shui

There are a number of other schools that have developed in the last thirty years that are growing in popularity in the west. These schools have adapted the traditional principles of Feng Shui for western society and focus on how we can balance our home in line with yin yang theory and the five elements. These include Intuitive Feng Shui, Western Feng Shui and Applied Feng Shui.

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