5 Contemporary Furniture Pieces to Spice up your Living Room

As pressure on interior designers to come up with consistently unique designs grows, furniture pieces are being reimagined, from coffee tables to electric heaters. This development has given rise to a few slightly more bizarre concepts and ideas of how contemporary furniture should be in terms of form and function.

Here are a few of them…

More an installation than a light fitting, the BotoxLamp is interactive and can react to the users in its proximity. The lamp itself is made out of aluminium that has been bent and plasma cut before being laid out in an abstract geometric pattern. The LEDs within receive a signal from the built in sensor and then respond to any movement around it. Whether you would want it in your home or not is debatable but it is certainly very cool! See a video of it in action here http://vimeo.com/27123472. (source: mocoloco.com)

Next, on a slightly more practical note, is an incredible cork bar stool in stunning geometric design. This stool is completely sustainable and biodegradable, designed by Brandon Kershner in conjunction with leading cork company The Amorim Group. Not only does this stool look fantastic, but you will be able to feel a warm sense of self-satisfaction in the knowledge that you are helping the environment by sitting on it! (Source: mocoloco.com)

This amazing bench was designed by Amanda Levete for Matter and according to their website, was inspired by a piece of driftwood. I wish I could find some driftwood this beautiful for my house, as the Drift Bench has a hefty price tag. You can see why though with its gloss finish and sleek lines, it would be the focal point of any room. (Source: mattermatters.com)

Designed by Adam Court and made by OKHA, this eye-catching table has a unique aesthetic, although may prove difficult to balance your coffee on! Its metallic ripple effect creates a water-like surface, reflecting light and using shadow to create an amazing texture. Certainly a talking point when entertaining guests. (Source: contemporist.com)

Last, but by no means least, check out this Unorganized Cabinet designed by Colin Tury. Set upon those long easel-like legs, its many small details add up to an eccentric yet striking aesthetic. The contrasting colours and grains of the wood used create a vibrant texture and really make the piece stand out. (Source: contemporist.com)

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